Friday, November 6, 2009

As a scientist, I want to elaborate on my answer to the Facebook poll question: "Who do you trust more, science or the Bible?" The purpose of science to to reveal in the natural world the actual state of affairs. To uncover the reality of what we can observe. Truth. The purpose of the Bible is to reveal the progressive revelation of God regarding Himself and human beings. The actual state of affairs of God and humankind. Truth. Jean Paul Sartre noted that the finite without an infinite reference point is absurd. Removing God is convenient except that it leaves no basis for epistemology. Sartre no longer trusted his thought processes or that he could communicate data to others. Thus, we see in existentialism that you find meaning in an experience (his example, walk an old lady across the street or bash in her head, either is an experience that gives meaning) which cannot be communicated to others. Absurd.

There is good science and junk science just like there is good journalism and bad journalism, good theology and bad theology. The measure is the dedication to what Francis Schaeffer labeled "True Truth" or reality, the actual state of affairs. Science progresses by scientists publishing the summation of the tested observations to their colleagues. The purpose of this is to ensure that errors in logic or methodology are challenged. So science cannot be a religion it is only a method. To find meaning for living we must look beyond a methodology and that is where we must choose to either believe or not. The Bible presents Truth as propositional. It can be tested against reality. The faith that trusts that the Bible is true is still "faith," but it is also reasonable.

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